Comfortable Egg Sitting Gel Flex Cushion Seat

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In this Egg Sitting, we've included a soft, machine-washable slipcover. You'll reap all the benefits of this cushion and feel the soft polyester-blend slip cover fabric against your skin. When you need to clean it, just toss it in the wash!

Image 1 - Comfortable-Egg-Sitting-Gel-Flex-Cushion-Seat-Sitter-Flex-Pillow-Back-Support

Other Foam Cushions lose their shape after repeated use. No sooner after you purchase them, they flatten, offering no support at all. This cushion support cushion is durable for everyday use. It retains its shape even if you sit on it every day all day long!

This Cushion Seat fits most chairs, whether you need support in your computer chair, office chair, deep seat, car seat, or recliner, this cushion can help! And since this cushion cradles your backside, you won't be lifted high in your seat.

Key Features:

  • Strong and durable
  • Unlike your memory foam desk chair
  • It's a sciatic nerve pillow or foam cushion
  • Supports your backside and spine so well
  • Fits most chairs for deep seat pressure relief
  • Allows air to circulate and stays cools to the touch


  • Type: Seat Cushion
  • Size:  40*34*3.5cm

Package included

1 x seat cushion and non-slip cover