Military Shovel Tool

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The Military Shovel Tool made of high-quality iron, durable and well-design, you can use it for digging, sawing, shoveling. Power tools have heavy steel blades that can be used to dig through dirt and roots, gravel, and other tough materials, plus they have a serrated edge so they can be used for cutting if needed.

Image 41 - Folding-Shovel-Military-Survival-Multi-function-Tactical-Emergency-Shovel-amp-Bag

The Multi-functional Shovel Head can be rotated 90 degrees in the garden, allowing you to clear or level the ground and dig trenches, or lock it in multiple lengths and positions and use this folding shovel as a grip or chair. You can use it as a saw when you meet. Trees, like an Ice Picker in snow and ice.

Image 121 - Folding-Shovel-Military-Survival-Multi-function-Tactical-Emergency-Shovel-amp-Bag

Those Folding Shovels can be easily taken in your bag on a camping or beach trip or carried out for the garden. The Comfortable grip and handguard help in minimizing accidental injuries. Easy to store and great for Outdoor Sports, Camping, Hiking, Gardening, Survival Spade.
Image 101 - Folding-Shovel-Military-Survival-Multi-function-Tactical-Emergency-Shovel-amp-Bag

Key Features:

  • Use it for digging, sawing, shoveling.
  • It is easy to hang on the belt to carry.
  • The Military Shovel Tool made of high-quality iron, durable.
  • This shovel is folded and fits in this high-quality portable bag.
  • This shovel folds up and fits in a practical carrying bag with a belt loop to carry by your side.


  • Material: Iron
  • Color: Black
  • Size :16" 19" 24”
16" folding shovel can be folded twice and the handle on the button can be removed 19" or 24" folding shovel can be folded three times.

Package Included:
  • 1×Shovel Ba
  • 1×Folding Shovel