Outdoor Tube Bird Feeder With Feeding Ports

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Premium hard plastic of this Bird Feeder keeps your seeds safe and secure, classic tube hanging feeders with 2 feeding ports allow multiple birds to feed at the same time with perches. Easy fill top, the transparent shell lets you see when you need to refill seeds.

Image 1 - Outdoor-Garden-Tube-Bird-Feeder-with-2-Feeding-Ports-Hard-Plastic-2-Pack-New

These Tube Bird Feeders for outside allow several birds to feed at once. It's attractive & long-lasting, easy to clean and fill also a great gift for friends and parents, children, or nature lovers. It is compact, lightweight, and weather-resistant. The enclosed circular seed housing keeps up to 2 cups of seeds.

Image 31 - Outdoor-Garden-Tube-Bird-Feeder-with-2-Feeding-Ports-Hard-Plastic-2-Pack-New

Our Bird Feeding Ports can be simply taken apart. Just unscrew the perches and pull them apart. The ports and base will pop out and then you can clean the tube and parts. No tools required to install, a convenient loop handle allows you to easily move from tree to tree with no hassle.

Image 61 - Outdoor-Garden-Tube-Bird-Feeder-with-2-Feeding-Ports-Hard-Plastic-2-Pack-New

 Key Features:

  • Can store more food
  • 6 hole ventilation design
  • More stable when hanging
  • Green environmental design
  • The wind is not easy to blow off
  • Can be used for more birds at the same time
  • An essential product for outside seeing birds
  • High-quality hard plastic case, light and strong
  • 15 inches in length and 3.15 inches in diameter
  • The right size gives you a more intuitive feeding experience


  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Dose not apply
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