Ultrasonic Body slimming Machine

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Anyone wants to slim body, lighten skin, choose Body Slimming Machine, you will see the results. The probe head adopts high-quality stainless steel, it's wear-resisting and durable with a large contact area. It includes EMS massage, high-frequency vibration, ion import, and ion export. Achieve a charming and slimming body with this Ultrasonic Body Slimming Machine.

Before using the ems Slimming Machine, it is recommended that you use slimming gel or other skincare products which are suitable for your skin to reach a better effect. 4Pcs LED outside the probe head provides high-strength illumination, it's reliable and safe. 5 Levels of intensity, you can choose different levels according to yourself.

2 levels include low and high, Ultrasonic Slimming Machine recommends that the low level can be used on the area with thin skin and the high level can be used on the area with thick skin. It adopts through exercise the muscles to achieve the effect of tightening skin, including shaping in hand-arms, stomach, legs, and belly. 

Key Features:

  • Tightening skin
  • Help to massage body
  • Including EMS massage
  • High-frequency vibration
  • Wear-resisting and durable
  • Lighten a series of skin problems
  • Achieve a charming and sliming body
  • Which is very easy and convenient for you to use
  • 5 modes are optional, which include tapping, massage, knead, scrapping


  • Material: Ultrasonic Slimming Machine
  • Function: Skin Moisture, Skin Tightening, Facial Clean, Dead Skin Removal
  • Power Source: electric
  • Size: 3 in 1 Ultrasonic Slimming Machine
  • Model Number: Ultrasonic Cavitation Slimming Machine
  • Power Source: US
  • Type: Cavitation Machine Slimming
  • Manufacturing Process: Machine Made
  • Standard Voltage: 110V()-220V()
  • Certification: CE